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Relaxing Message Therapy

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Namaras Beauty Therapy offers a great variety of massage therapies that will make you feel relaxed, physically and mentally! After your session, your muscles will feel loose and energised. Contact us today if you would like to make an appointment or if you have any queries regarding our services.


Massage Therapy Services in Southampton

Relaxing Back Massage

Pamper Package (90 minutes)


Relax and unwind, and enjoy a Swedish massage, Gua Sha facial including a hand scrub with mask treatment


Hand Massage

Hand and foot massage including scrub and mask (60 minutes)


Pamper your hands and feet with this luxurious treatment

Neck Massage

Neck Back and Shoulder Massage (30 minutes)


This is a classic massage treatment which helps to lower the tension in the muscles of your back, neck and shoulders, using massage techniques likes deep tissue and Swedish massage.  

Hot Stone Massage

Warm Bamboo and Hot Stone Massage (60 minutes)


Warm bamboo massage includes the use of solid bamboo sticks of different lengths and diameters to massage the body. The warmth of the sticks helps to break down muscle tension and stretch out tight muscles.

A hot stone massage includes the use of smooth, flat stones which are heated. The use of them eases achy and tired muscles, and aids relaxation.

Massage Chair Therapy

Warm bamboo and hot stones applied to neck, shoulders, and back:

  • May help to alleviate stress and tension

  • Improve your mood

  • Aid sleep

  • Manage your back pain

  • Alleviate tension headaches

  • Spark creativity

Back Massage

Relaxing Swedish Massage


Swedish massage is an excellent technique that is relaxing and energising, it can reduce the pain of your injury. It involves soft and long massage strokes, as well as light massage stokes on the highest layers of your muscles.


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